Download Specification sheets for the Troche Molds and Suppository Molds

Precision Engineered: Troche Molds and Suppository Molds Specification Sheets

Our innovative designs are developed with utmost precision to meet the exacting standards of the pharmaceutical industry. Explore our range of molds tailored to meet your specific compounding needs, backed by accuracy and precision studies that attest to their exceptional quality.

Our Troche Molds are engineered to facilitate the efficient production of medicated troches with unparalleled precision. Manufactured from FDA grade and food-grade materials, these molds ensure compliance with stringent regulatory requirements while guaranteeing the safety and efficacy of your formulations.
Discover our Suppository Molds designed to streamline the compounding of suppositories, offering unmatched consistency and reproducibility. Engineered with precision in mind, these molds enable you to produce suppositories of uniform shape and size, enhancing both product quality and consumer satisfaction.

Unleash the potential of Rapid Dissolve Tablet (RDT) technology with our cutting-edge RDT Molds. Engineered to perfection, these molds enable the seamless production of fast-dissolving tablets, revolutionizing drug delivery systems. Backed by extensive research and accuracy studies, our RDT Molds empowers pharmacies like yours to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving compounding landscape.

Reusable Troche and RDT Troche Molds

0.25 mL x 100 Cavities

0.5 mL x 100 Cavities

0.5 mL x 500 Cavities

1 mL x 60 Cavities

1 mL x 100 Cavities

Tamp-RDT-100 Spec Sheet

1 mL Tamper

2 mL x 30 Cavities

Pebble Beach Reusable Suppository Molds

0.25 mL x 100 Cavities

0.5 mL x 100 Cavities

0.5 ML X 225 Uno Cavities

0.5 mL x 225 Cavities 2nd Gen

1 mL x 100 Cavities

1 mL x 500 Cavities

Accuracy and Precision Studies



Ticker Residual Volume Studies and Certificates

Smart metered dose applicator - accuracy study