1mL x 500 Cavities Suppository Mold
Pebble Beach Reusable Suppository Mold (1mL x 500 cavities)
Pebble Beach Reusable Suppository Mold (1mL x 500 cavities)
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Pebble Beach Reusable Suppository Mold (1mL x 500 cavities)

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SKU: PB100-5001

Our suppository molds are heat resistant, reusable, non-stick molds used for compounding 1mL vaginal or rectal suppositories. The Pebble Beach suppository mold contains 500 cavities and cavity has 1 mL volume capacity. The cavities are arranged in groups of 25 for ease-of-compounding. Compounding laboratories and pharmacists around the globe rely on Pebble Beach Suppository Molds to save time and costs on undesirable, metal suppository molds or disposable heat-labile molds. The greatest value with Pebble Beach Molds lies in the productivity potential because of the fast turnaround and ease of use. 

Pebble Beach suppository molds are constructed of high-density food-grade silicone. The molds are semi-flexible UV-stable and they offer high-flow properties to enable complex material formation and does not support microbial growth. In addition to high impact resistance, our silicone molds offer resistance to chlorine, most sanitizers, and most household cleaners.

Compounding formulas are included with purchase. Furthermore, you can request additional formulas when available. We offer formula conversion support. If you have questions about our formulary, or how to adapt your existing formulas to the Pebble Beach Suppository Molds you please contact us.

Pour and Disperse - It's that Easy!


  • Easy to use and easy to train new staff
  • Increased production at a fraction of the traditional time
  • Smaller Size and Shape offers optimal patient comfort
  • Heat Resistant up to 302°F
  • Segmented cavity groups for controlled pouring
  • Incorporated run-off trough to collect excess material to reduce waste
  • Flexible, durable, food grade silicone material
  • Easily transferrable most packaging options
  • Packaging in child-resistant vials is easier for patients than removal from disposable molds
  • Dishwasher safe. Cleaning validation protocol available


    • Increased Pebble Beach Molds
    • Increased 3.5x3.5" Scraping Spatulas
    • Formulas + Ongoing Release* 
    • Formula Conversion Support (limited)
    • Marketing Tools 
    • Referrals
    • 30-Days Money Back Guarantee
    • One Year Full Warranty


    • Cavity volume: 1 mL 
    • Total cavities: 500
    • Material: High-density food grade silicone
    • Fits up to ~300 mg of API per cavity
    • Maximum continuous-use temperature of 302°F (121°C)
    • Compatible with suppository and troche bases from PCCA, Medisca, Fagron, Letco, Xenex Labs
    • Tested with most standard PEG suppository and troche bases in the pharmacy compounding industry
    • SKU: PB100-5001

    *Other compounding supplies are available by contacting us directly.