Gentle Dose Petite Vaginal Applicator
Gentle Dose Petite Vaginal Applicator
Gentle Dose Petite Vaginal Applicator
Gentle Dose Petite Vaginal Applicator

Gentle Dose Petite Vaginal Applicator

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Gentle Dose® Vaginal Applicator is the world's first petite cavity applicator that is gentle, easy-to-use, and comfortable for the end user. As a versatile applicator, Gentle Dose generally accompanies single-use and multi-use custom prescriptions suitable for various uses (probiotics, antifungals, moisturizers, and hormone therapy). 

Most graduated applicators are too large for patient comfort, and in some cases may even cause permanent injury. Gentle Dose® is designed to be petite, comfortable, travel-friendly, and easy to use. Gentle Dose® empowers pharmacists to provide uniquely-positive dosing experiences with maximum patient control and comfort,
while maintaining accuracy and precision.

Gentle Dose® is also unique for its simplicity for both patients and compounding pharmacists. Gentle Dose® can be used for measuring and inserting creams, as well as mini-suppositories or Dotts suppositories. Up to four mini-suppositories or seven Dotts suppositories fit inside the Gentle Dose applicator. 

TICKER® Unlimited is a metered dispenser that transfers the topical preparation directly into Gentle Dose® and with the ease of a click! Simply dial your dose as directed and confirm the dosage with the dosing indicators of Gentle Dose.



  • Chamber Capacity: 3 mL
  • Components: Plunger, Barrel
  • Dimensions: 3.65 inches
  • Packaging: 40/box or 100/box
  • SKU: GD-(Color)-40 (40 applicators, each individually bagged) 
  • SKU: GD-(Color)-100 (100 applicators; no caps included; not individually bagged) 

**Sold only to compounding pharmacies and compounding wholesalers.


  • Segmented dosing Indicators with easy-to-read numbers 
  • Each segment dispenses 0.5 mL
  • Soft cap included to slow evaporation 
  • World's most petite, gentle graduated applicator
  • BPA-free, phthalate-free
  • Easy grip design for ultimate control
  • Anti-roll, anti-slip next-generation design
  • Extruded dosing segments with numbers
  • Easy-to-fill or to pre-fill with TICKER® Unlimited
  • FDA medical-grade polypropylene material
  • Ideal for cream, gel, and ointment OR mini-suppository preparations
  • Package contents: plunger and tube sold as a single unit.
  • US Patent, 2020
  • Compatible with TICKER® Unlimited (Sold Separately)


  • Easy-to-use, easy-to-fill, easy-to-store
  • Minimal training for staff and for patients
  • Facilitates single-dosing and multi-dosing applications
  • Size and design decreases chances of self-injury  
  • Suitable for gel, cream, and ointment-like formulations with medium to high viscosity
  • Handles micro-dosing dispensations with TICKER® Unlimited
  • Ideal for transdermal and oral applications
  • Calibrated segments on the plunger for ease of dosing
  • Travel friendly dispenser (Does not readily ooze-out with pressure changes like other dispensers)
  • Recycle Code #5 Polypropylene
  • Made in the USA

TICKERWORKS provides Gentle Dose® applicators to compounding pharmacies and wholesalers that service compounding pharmacies. We do not provide Gentle Dose® applicators directly to patients at this time.