TICKER Topical Applicator for accurate doses of hormone therapy prescribed by integrative physicians

TICKER: Choose Patient Benefits

TICKER® is an easy-to-use topical applicator that dispenses practically every dose ever prescribed! As a clinical tool, TICKER offers prescribers more dosing options than other outdated dispensers.  

Dispensing 1/20th milliliter with each click, TICKER is the only metered applicator that can dispense any dose. You can now prescribe any dose your patient needs, without being limited by the pharmacy's applicator.  Your patients won't have to change applicators as you optimize their dose, reducing patient training and confusion.

TICKER's unique click-to-piston dosing mechanism provides unparalleled precise and accurate dosing time after time. Improved precision means when you prescribe an exact dose, your patients will be able to apply that dose. Increased dosing accuracy means your patients will actually get the dosage prescribed, you can track your patient outcomes with higher accuracy too. 

To apply their dosage, patients simply turn the rotating base clockwise as instructed. Patients can hear, see, and feel each click; TICKER is even used with blind and deaf patients. Every five clicks delivers 0.25mL, and is marked by a major arrow. Therefore, as your patients dispense larger traditional doses like 0.5mL or 1mL, they will have a simple way to keep track of how much they've already dispensed. The medication automatically collects on the lid. Patients then use TICKER to apply the medication directly to the intended skin-site. 

TICKER is environmentally-friendly because it uses 30% less plastic than competing topical applicators. All products developed by BIOSRX are manufactured and assembled in the USA, using the highest quality FDA grade materials. TICKER applicators are free of phthalates, BPA, and other contaminants.


Experience the Benefits:

  • Easy to use

  • An easy to use metered dial for unmatched accuracy

  • Decreases unnecessary patient calls to the doctor’s office

  • Patients fine-tune their dosage at home as instructed

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Does Not Contain BPA (Bisphenol A), phthalates, or other
    undesirable contaminants




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Fine-Tuning Topical Dosages Has Never Been Easier

Misdosing, doubling, or tripling dosages of hormones could obviously have serious adverse effects to the health of your patients.  Most of these occurrences are often posed by limitations due to the chosen delivery system, such as syringes that are difficult for elderly patients to use, or metered applicators that are limited in dose. With the arrival of TICKER applicator and its micro-dosing ability, physicians across North America and beyond have less to worry as a patient’s dosage can now be incrementally decreased or increased by the patient at home. With TICKER the patient simply fine-tunes their dosage to optimal health as instructed. Patient adherence at its best!


  • TICKER Classic Applicators fit up to 37mL, but is used for dispensing volumes as low as 3mL.
  • In one complete turn of the rotating base exactly one milliliter is dispensed
  • As the dial turns clockwise, each “Click” causes the plunger to move upwards dispensing on average 1/20 milliliter of topical cream or gel.
  • Audible, visual, and tactile features facilitate patients in self-administering exact doses.
  • *One click dispenses 0.05mL, two clicks dispense 0.1mL, three clicks dispense 0.15mL, four clicks dispense 0.2mL, five clicks dispense 0.25mL, and so forth
  • Dosing ¼milliliter of topical preparations: The patient is instructed to dial 5-Clicks with TICKER dispenser; causing the plunger to move upwards and dispense the right amount of cream or gel. (Depending on the hormone base used, with this dosing scheme the dispenser holds 144 doses of medication; However, the pharmacy may choose to only dispense a month supply with respect to insurance coverage or other factors)
  • Dosing ½ milliliter of topical preparations: The patient is instructed to dial 10-Clicks with TICKER dispenser. (Depending on the hormone base used, with this dosing, the dispenser holds 72 doses of medication)
  • Dosing 1 milliliter of topical preparations: The patient is instructed to dial 20-Clicks with TICKER (Have the patient count by five clicks at a time; 5, 10, 15, 20) With this dosing schedule, the container can accommodate 36 doses of topical preparation
  • Cream is collected on the lid for direct application to the intended site. This eliminates the need of transferring to the fingers first.
  • A “Refill” reminder window assists patients to reorder in a timely manner and continue their therapy without interruption.
  • Recycle Code #5 -  TICKER should only be used one time. Please check with your State Board of Pharmacy to see if you are allowed to recycle any drug containers through standard channels.