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TICKER® PEN: A cutting-edge topical dosing applicator engineered for precision and versatility. Suitable for both animal and human use, this innovative device is designed to integrate seamlessly with in-container planetary centrifugal mixer machines, revolutionizing the dosing process by eliminating the need for content transfer. Key features include a convex, single-hole lid for uniform dispensing, a secure protective cap for convenient storage, and efficient priming that removes air without repetitive motion.

Primarily used to dispense topical bioidentical hormone therapy available from independent compounding pharmacies. Traditional daily doses of 0.5mL or 1mL are dispensed easily with the major arrow-markings, and TICKER®'s unique dosing capabilities simplify rhythmic dosing like never before. Containers sold empty.

The dosing knob at the base allows for precise dosage adjustments, with audible, visual, and tactile alerts for user guidance. With a clear scale label ensuring accuracy within 0.5%, and a generous maximum container capacity of 19mL, the TICKER® PEN is constructed from BPA-Free, UV-inhibiting polymer for safety and longevity.

A pet and pet-parent friendly topical dispenser — is a new metered dosing dispenser made specifically for cats and dogs. It features a smooth and longer tip that gets rubbed topically inside the earlobe of felines and canines. A standard prescription label fits over every TICKER® PEN applicator as well. 

Each TICKER® Pen has a holding capacity of up to 20 milliliters. Dead space comes in roughly at 2mLs, and each applicator is suitable for dispensing anywhere between 3mLs to 20mLs depending on the prescription. Like the rest of the TICKER family, each CLICK dispenses 0.05mLs.

Experience seamless compounding and precise dosing with this patent-pending innovation (2024) by TICKERWORKS. For more information and to explore the benefits of the TICKER PEN, visit TICKERWORKS today.

  • Nozzle with smooth rounded tip
  • BPA-Free
  • Phthalate-Free
  • UV Protection

  • Easy-to-use
  • Environmentally-friendly: uses 30% less plastic than other applicators
  • Capability to dispense any dose allows for consolidation of outdated applicators
  • Manufactured and assembled in the USA
  • Recycle Code #5
  • US Patent


  • Body (Chamber) capacity: 19mL
  • Residual Volume: 1.75mL
  • Each Click delivers: 0.05mL
  • 138.5mm Length x 38.4mm max width
  • One complete turn of base/rotator = 1mL (20-Clicks)

* Weight is density-dependent. Other factors may influence weight. Our experiments were conducted with Medisca® HRT and Humco HRT Base Heavy Cream, PCCA Cream bases.
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