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TICKER Classic

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TICKER® Classic: The go-to metered click applicator for dispensing medications suspended in creams, gels, and ointments. Accurate, user-friendly, and tailored for a diverse range of topical medicated formulations, TICKER® is the trusted choice of independent compounding pharmacies.

This versatile topical click-dose dispenser accommodates a wide spectrum of formulations. From low-viscosity formulations resembling thick lotions to ideal flowable gels and cream-like consistencies, it extends all the way to high-viscosity ointments and paste-like preparations. And for those seeking an even larger outlet, TICKER® Unlimited offers a larger nozzle option, simplifying dosing further. These plastic metered-dose dispensers are sold empty, ensure precise dosing control.

Physicians, pharmacists, compounders, and patients alike can rely on TICKER for all their metered dosing needs. What sets TICKER apart is its accessibility—it's designed to be user-friendly even for visually impaired individuals or patients with hearing impairments.

TICKER: features a proprietary tri-modal dosing technology:
- Visual: Patients can see the dose being dispensed.
- Bi-audible: They can also hear the audible click during dispensation.
- Tactile: Equally important, patients feel each click through their fingertips.

Using TICKER, dosing becomes not only precise but also attuned to sensory cues. Through TICKER's spatial dosing mechanism, individuals with visual or hearing impairments can more effectively administer their prescribed dose. This is because they can differentiate between a soft-click and a hard-click. The hard-click occurs at every 90 degrees, while the soft-click is positioned at alternate segments, enhancing accessibility and accuracy for all users


  • Capacity: Up to 37mL
  • Dispense per CLICK0.05mL 
  • Residual Volume: 2.5mL 
  • SKU: T37-(Color)-40 


  • QTY of 1 = 1 BOX of 40 Metered Dispensers
  • BOX Dimensions = 14" x 6" x 9"
  • Packaging: 40-complete units per BOX
  • Units: Sold Empty


  • Micro-Dose Dial for visual accuracy
  • Singular central outlet ensures uniform application and prevents clogging of exit holes
  • Enables cream application without hands or fingers contact
  • Refill indicator line
  • Larger Dial-Dose Tabs arranged at 90-Degrees
  • Produces a louder click every 90-degrees, with softer clicks at the other dosing segments
  • BPA-Free, Phthalate-Free
  • FDA medical grade polypropylene material with UV inhibiting resins
  • Recycle Code #5 polypropylene resin
  • Each click dispenses 0.05mL*
  • FIVE clicks dispense 0.25mL*


  • Facilitates micro-dosing dispensations
  • Easy-to-use
  • Ideal choice for topical hormone therapy applications
  • Travel friendly dispenser (Does not ooze-out like other clicking devices with pressure changes)
  • Environmentally friendlier than competing dispensers using 30% less material


  • Store the product away from excessive moisture, heat, and prolonged sunlight at room temperature.
  • When flying or ascending to different elevations, enclose the applicator in a sealable bag to prevent leaks caused by air pressure changes.
  • Instruct the patient to prime the dispenser upon first use or if it has been unused for an extended period, as priming may be necessary.

Made in the USA
*Weight is density-dependent. Other factors may influence weight. Our Experiments were conducted with Medisca® HRT and Humco HRT Base Heavy Cream.