Tamper for Pebble Beach Mold 0.5X225
Tamper for Pebble Beach Mold 0.5X225
Tamper for Pebble Beach Mold 0.5X225

Tamper for Pebble Beach Mold 0.5X225

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SKU: Tamp-PBM-0501


The TAMPER is used along with the Pebble Beach Mold in order to compress the rapid dissolve mixture while compounding. This simple compounding process requires minimal training and it is relatively fast to compound hundreds of compounds in a matter of minutes.

The companion: Pebble Beach Molds are reusable, durable, and heat resistant molds that are used for all your compounding needs. 

Our latest model, 0.5mL Pebble Beach Mold contains 225 cavities. Each cavity has a 0.5mL volume capacity. Pebble Beach Molds are manufactured with food-grade, high-density silicone and are UV-stable.

With your purchase you will receive compounding formulas with calibration data to help you save time. Furthermore, if you have questions about our formulary, or how to convert your present formulas to be used with our suppository molds you can call and speak with one of our friendly team members.


  • Material: White Nylon
  • Compatibility: Pebble Beach Mold (SKU: PBM225-050)
  • Weight: 56.4 g
  • Tamper Dimensions: 5.89 x 2.03 x 0.34 in
  • SKU: Tamp-PBM-0501, Tamp-PBM-0502


    • Easy to use
    • High and low temperature resistance
    • Heat resistant up to 140 °C
    • Dishwasher Safe
    • 30-Days Money Back Guarantee
    • One Year Full Warranty
      This Tamper may be soon purchased through PCCA (Professional Compounding Centers of America). Contact your PCCA representative to learn more.