CLICK to Optimal Health

TICKER® is an incredibly accurate and easy-to-use dispenser for your transdermal bioidentical hormones. As you turn the base, it CLICKS! Dosing is extremely accurate and easy due to its dial-a-dose mechanism. Simply turn the dial clockwise until it clicks; then the medicine will come out from the top!

Do you need to apply other dosages?

No problem! TICKER® is an ideal system to incrementally get to the exact dosage your body needs to function optimally. In other words, each click delivers only a small amount of medicated cream- 1/20th gram to be exact! Therefore if you need a little more (as suggested by your doctor) then simply dial another click! Keep it going until you find your desired dosage!


The dome end of  the TICKER® applicator allows for your topical medicine to be applied directly to the proper area, avoiding cross-contamination or absorption into unintended area (No need to apply the medication to your hands first and then to the application site).

Avoid Accidental Spills:

TICKER® was specifically designed to reduce accidental spills into your luggage, briefcase, pockets and purses.




Karen L: "I was prescribed 7 Clicks in morning and 5 Clicks in the afternoon."

Tara E: "I apply 3 clicks in the morning and 7 clicks right before bedtime."

Sonia M: "I am on a variable dosing regimen, and the Ticker is the only device that grants me the ability to do rhythmic dosing."

Elvira T: "I apply 5 CLICKS in the morning, and 5 CLICKS in the evening."

Taylor W: "I apply 3 clicks twice a day."

Sydney G: "I first began with 10 CLICKS and then my doctor recommended I apply 15 CLICKS. Since then, it has been working wonderfully for me."

Barbara H: "My optimal dosage is 20 CLICKS!"

Greg F: "I apply 10 Clicks once in the morning."

Jenny N: "I love my Ticker because it is an elegant and amazingly simple applicator. I apply 10-Clicks once daily. Sometimes when I need a bit extra, I dial an extra click, totaling 11 Clicks. Most of all, I love that I can adjust the Ticker to my needs."