What is a troche?

Troches, often mistaken for chewable candy, serve as carriers of medication into the body. Unlike tablets or capsules, troches are placed between the gums and cheeks, allowing for direct absorption through the buccal (inner cheek) and sublingual membranes. Although some swallowing is expected.

Troches are a type of medicine that looks like candy but is actually designed to dissolve between the gums and cheek to deliver medication directly into the body. This method is particularly helpful for those who have trouble swallowing or have digestive issues, as it allows the medicine to be absorbed quickly through the mouth’s tissues.

Doctors and pharmacists value troches for delivering medication effectively, especially for patients with specific needs. These medicines can be custom-made to ensure the right dose for each patient, but they must be stored properly to keep their strength.

In the past, troches were sometimes uncomfortable to use because of their size and shape. However, new designs have made them easier and more comfortable to use. For example, TICKERWORKS has developed softer, flexible molds for making troches that are easier on the mouth and dissolve faster, ensuring patients get the correct dosage without unnecessary extras.

Pink, Green, and Orange Troches

These improvements mean patients now have more options to get the medication they need in a way that’s easier to take, with the added benefit of precise dosing. This is especially important when only a small amount of medication is needed, making treatment more efficient and comfortable.