Why Doctors Prefer TICKER?

With TICKER patients can dispense practially any dose ever imagined. Simply turn the dial and the compounded medication dispenses at the top. Each click dispenses 0.05mLs. Each quarter turn dispenses 0.25mLs. One full turn of the dial dispenses one mL.



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With Over 99% UV-A and UV-B Protection

— TICKER mini—

Small, slim, yet it holds up to 20mLs


The Solution for vaginal compounds

Why Our Customers Love TICKER


"Training patients is easy. Each click is 0.05mL, a quarter-turn equals a quarter mL; a half-turn equals a 1/2 mLs; and one full-turn of the base/dial is One mL"

— Celia A.


"TICKER can be used for dispensing transdermal medication to your loved ones"

— Sophia A.


"TICKER allows me to adjust my HRT dose with unmatched precision"

— Sonya Y.

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