CLICK Your Dosage to Perfection

TICKER®: The Syringe That Clicks­­­­

TICKER®: An innovative topical metered dispenser empowering patients with seamless self-administration of compounded medications. With each CLICK, TICKER® dispenses 0.05 mL, granting precise dosage control.

Dispensing precise amounts of topical compounds shouldn’t be so complicated.

In 2012, Dr. Moses introduced "The Syringe That Clicks," a topical metered-dose dispenser designed for bioidentical hormones and other cream and gel-based medications commonly applied topically or vaginally.

Shortly after establishing an independent compounding pharmacy in California, Dr. Moses observed a scarcity of suitable compounding equipment available to fellow pharmacists. Driven by a commitment to compounding, and to enhance accuracy, he embarked on a mission to create the most precise and reliable metered-dose dispensers. These dispensers could be shared among compounding colleagues nationwide and globally.

To surpass—or at the very least, match—the accuracy of a syringe, each click of this dispenser would need to deliver 0.05 milliliters. At TICKERWORKS, we understand the critical importance of maintaining accuracy and precision in medication dosing. That's why we're proud to uphold a rigorous standardization policy, ensuring that every click of our TICKER dispenser, delivers a consistent Dispense-Per-Click across all models we manufacture.

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Dosing Simplicity with TICKER®

Feel It, Hear It, See It

When it comes to dispensing topical medications with accuracy and precision, simplicity matters. Introducing TICKER®, the smart metered topical dispenser that provides patients with a seamless self-administration experience. Here’s how it works:

Auditory Assurance: As you turn the dial, a satisfying CLICK sound resonates through your auditory senses. This audible reassurance ensures that you’re on track for accurate dosing.

Visual Confirmation: The dial’s position visually confirms your dosage alignment. Patients can see their precise dose dispenser in action, enhancing confidence.

TICKER®’s Unique Feedback Mechanism: But that’s not all! TICKER applicators go beyond sound and sight. With each CLICK, a crisp vibration is simultaneously felt by the end user through their fingertips.

Experience the simplicity and precision of TICKER®—your go-to solution for creams, gels, moisturizers, and ointments. Because when it comes to dosing, every detail matters. 🌟

Dispense per CLICK Standardization 

In today's complex healthcare landscape, healthcare professionals face numerous challenges when it comes to medication dispensing. Varied dispensing mechanisms and the potential for dosage errors pose significant risks to patient safety.

Consider this: with a multitude of prescriptions and dispenser options available, it's all too easy for healthcare providers to overlook the dispensing intricacies of each device. Independent compounding pharmacies often find themselves grappling with the confusion and potential errors stemming from varying dispensing standards.

Unlike other compounding wholesalers and topical dispenser manufacturers, TICKERWORKS stands out for our unwavering commitment to standardization. Every TICKER applicator ensures uniformity in dispense-per-click, providing healthcare teams with confidence in their prescribing practices. This commitment sets TICKERWORKS apart as a trusted partner dedicated to delivering reliable and consistent dispensing solutions.

Ready to experience the benefits of TICKERWORKS' standardized dispensing solutions? Contact us today to learn more about our products and how they can enhance medication management practices in your healthcare setting.

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Why Doctors Prefer TICKER?

With TICKER patients can dispense practially any dose ever imagined. Simply turn the dial and the compounded medication dispenses at the top. Each click dispenses 0.05mLs. Each quarter turn dispenses 0.25mLs. One full turn of the dial dispenses one mL.

Enhancing Patient Experience

Micro-Dosing with TICKER

Micro-dosing topical medications refers to the practice of applying very small amounts of medication to the skin. This technique involves administering precise, minimal doses of medication directly to a skin area. With TICKER®, micro-dosing has never been easier. Designed to dispense a specific volume of medication with each click, typically delivering 0.05mL per click. TICKER® allows for accurate and consistent dosing, making it particularly suitable for applications such as hormone therapy in women and men, feline application, and other small animals.

Increase Precision Control:

TICKER® dispensers provide precise control over the amount of medication dispensed, ensuring accurate dosing with each click.

Minimize Side Effects:

By delivering only small amounts of medication, micro-dosing may help minimize the risk of adverse reactions or side effects compared to traditional dosing methods.

Enhance Skin Absorption:

Micro-dosing can optimize the absorption of medication into the skin, ensuring that the active ingredients penetrate effectively to the targeted area.

Improve Patient Compliance:

The use of micro-dosing with TICKER® may improve patient compliance with medication regimens.

Reliable Self-Administration:

TICKER applicators are user friendly and easy to use, making them suitable for self administration by patients in the comfort of their own homes.

Consistent Medication Delivery:

The metered dose dispensing mechanism of TICKER dispensers ensures consistent delivery of medication, reducing the risk of variability between doses.

Localize Treatment Area:

Micro-dosing allows for targeted delivery of medication to specific areas of the skin, optimizing drug delivery for certain medications.

Provide Patient Comfort:

Micro-dosing is perceived as less invasive or disruptive compared to larger doses, leading to better treatment outcomes and enhanced patient facilitation.
Residual Volume Certificate TICKER Classic
Residual Volume Certificate TICKER Mini 20mL
Residual Volume Certificate TICKER Unlimited 37mL

Residual Volume: Information that you need to know

Compared to other like devices, the residual volume of TICKER products is minimal, yet important for the proper function of the devices. Moreover, this information is critical when calculating the right amount of medication that needs to be dispensed to the end user.

The Art of Precision: Crafting the TICKER Metered-DoseDispenser

The Perfect CLICK

Our engineers invest countless hours in pursuit of perfection. Picture this: you walk into our facility, and there they are our dedicated engineers, TICKER applicators poised next to their earlobes. They listen intently as the rotator glides counter-clockwise. But this isn’t just any auditory exercise; it’s a symphony of science.

Dull sounds? They’re promptly reimagined. Our quest? To create a fresh, crisp sound—one that resonates with the end user, transporting them to a realm of relaxation and healing. That’s our mission with every meticulously designed click.

CEOs, engineers, QA managers, and even our sales team join this harmonious endeavor. We listen, analyze, and iterate until our senses sing in unison. Only when we’re wholly satisfied does a sense of duty fulfillment envelop us. Then, onward we march—to the next challenge.

Was that a hard click? A soft one? Dullor crisp? We dissect each nuance.

Now, let’s delve into the TICKER itself. It’s more than a dispenser; it’s an experience. Bi-audible, bi-tactile, and visually intuitive. Imagine two distinct sounds—the first, a dance between outer tabs and outer side ticks; the second, a symphony involving those same outer tabs, plus two inner ones. At every fifth click, a crescendo—a tactile revelation.

And there’s more: a 90-degree rotation, a choreography of the rotator against the chamber. TICKER isn’t just precise; it’s spatially aware. The first and second sound arrangement guides users, ensuring they’re always in the right place.

In the quiet click, healing awaits.

"Training patients is easy. Each click is 0.05mL, a quarter-turn equals a quarter mL; a half-turn equals a 1/2 mLs; and one full-turn of the base/dial is One mL"

— Celia A.

Applications of TICKER:

Applicators in Hormone Therapy:

TICKER® applicators are widely used in hormone therapy for both women and men. TICKER® allows for precise dosing of hormone medications directly to the skin. This targeted approach can help optimize hormone levels while minimizing the risk of systemic side effects.

Considerations for Use: 

While TICKER applicators offer many benefits, it's essential to ensure proper training and instruction on their use. Healthcare professionals should provide guidance on dosage, application techniques, and proper storage to ensure safe and effective use of the medication. Additionally, patients should be informed about potential side effects and instructed to follow the prescribed treatment regimen closely.

In conclusion, micro-dosing with TICKER® dispensers by TICKERWORKS provides a precise and convenient method for administering topical medications, particularly in hormone therapy applications, topical pet medications, and vaginal metered-dose drug application. These applicators offer accurate dosing, consistent delivery, and improved patient compliance, making them a valuable tool in the management of various medical conditions, and for optimizing health and wellness.