TICKER® Unlimited

Wide Elevated Nozzle

TICKER® UNLIMITED Topical Dispensers and GENTLE DOSE Applicators

TICKER Unlimited 37mL and Gentle Dose Magenta Sand


Introducing TICKER® Unlimited, a game-changing addition to the TICKER® family. With its wide, nozzle-like elevated central port, this innovative configuration expands the possibilities in your compounding laboratory. Designed to minimize patient retraining, TICKER® Unlimited empowers you to unlock a wider spectrum of compounding applications and take your formulations to new heights.

TICKER Unlimited 37mL and Gentle Dose Purple Sand


The wider and elevated central port of TICKER® Unlimited opens doors to enhanced administration options. You can easily apply medications directly onto the skin or administer them orally, catering to different patient needs. Imagine the convenience of dispensing flavored oral gels for antibiotics, antiemetics, and soothing analgesics for the lips and tongue. TICKER® Unlimited empowers you to provide personalized solutions that improve patient comfort and compliance.

TICKER Unlimited and Gentle Dose Green Sand


Don't miss out on the TICKER® Unlimited Mini. This compact configuration of the TICKER® Unlimited utilizes the same functionality of it's predecessor, while remaining compact with a "mini" chamber of 20 mL. Perfect for topical medicaments that require less application.

TICKER® UNLIMITED and GENTLE DOSE are sold separately

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TICKER® Unlimited & Gentle Dose®


  • Simplifies Dosing
  • Works with higher viscosity ointments and creams
  • Dispenses Any Dose
  • Ideal for transdermal and oral applications
  • Travel friendly dispenser
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Ideal choice for human and veterinary uses
  • Made in the USA
  • Recycle Code #5 Polypropylene resin


  • Applicator with Wide Nozzle Tip
  • Connects to vaginal/cavity applicator
  • BPA-Free and Phthalate-Free
  • Available 20mL and 37mL
  • UV Protection
  • FDA medical grade polypropylene material
  • Each click delivers 0.05 mL*
  • TWO clicks deliver 0.10 mL*
Click to mL Conversion Table


  • Capacity: Up to 20mL and 37 mL; respectively
  • Dispense per CLICK: 0.05 mL
  • Residual Volume TUL37: 2.5 mL
  • Residual Volume TUL20: 1.75 mL
  • Packaging: 40-complete units per BOX
  • SKU: TUL37-Teal-40, TUL20-Teal-40

TICKER® UNLIMITED and GENTLE DOSE are sold separately