The Syringe That Clicks! An easy-to-use metered topical applicator that offers patients the ability to self-administer large and micro-doses of transdermal compounded preparations. 

Each CLICK dispenses 0.05 mL, empowering patients the ability to dial their dose to optimal health! Unmatched precision, accuracy, versatility, and ease-of-use are the hallmarks of TICKER. Whether you require a cream, gel, moisturizer, or ointment dispenser, TICKER does it all.



To protect light-sensitive medications, TICKER® is now available in anti-UV (UV-A and UV-B) coated colors that are also phthalate and BPA Free. Increase shelf life and longevity, while reducing changes in appearance and potency.
The TICKER® Sun Shield Collection comes in four different colors for safety and color coding strategies



With a holding capacity of up to 20 mL, TICKER® mini is ideal for topical hormone replacement therapy. If HRT patients apply 0.5 mL or less daily, an entire month's supply can fit in TICKER® mini, without the topical applicator looking "half-empty."

To protect light-sensitive medications, TICKER® mini is available in four different colors Amber-White, Amber-Brown, Blue-White, Blue-Blue and it is UV coatedphthalate, and BPA FREE.



Features comprises an elevated central port resembling a nozzle. This new TICKER® configuration has the same exact mechanism as the other TICKER® applicators, thus, minimizing patient retraining.

This novel dispenser provides a solution to daily struggles in the industry. For example, the thicker bases with high viscosity (like those resembling white petrolatum, like Liposomal Heavy, PLO Ultramax, Lipoderm, etc.) are now suitable for dispensation with TICKER® Unlimited.

The wider and elevated central port can be self-administered directly onto the skin or even orally. Compounding pharmacists can now dispense oral preparation to a patient for a variety of medical uses.