Reusable RD Troche Mold (0.5mL x 500 cavities)
Reusable RD Troche Mold (0.5mL x 500 cavities)
Reusable RD Troche Mold (0.5mL x 500 cavities)
Reusable RD Troche Mold (0.5mL x 500 cavities)
Reusable RD Troche Mold (0.5mL x 500 cavities)
Reusable RD Troche Mold (0.5mL x 500 cavities)


Reusable RD Troche Mold (0.5mL x 500 cavities)

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SKU: RD050-5001
Standard troches are large, and notorious for being difficult for patients to remove from the disposable plastic mold.  In addition, they are slowly absorbed and their shape is less than comfortable as they oftentimes have with sharp corners.
Compounding pharmacist and president of TICKERWORKS Dr. Moses Perez, Pharm.D.  decided it was time for improvement, and developed the technology for compounding pharmacies like yours to compound troches hassle-free.

R.D. Troche Molds from TICKERWORKS are durable, semi-flexible, and reusable compounding molds. This mold contains five-hundred cavities, and each cavity has a 0.5 mL volume capacity. The cavity is double-scored for patients to easily cut the troche into quarters if needed, to accommodate specific dosage needs.

This mold is ideal for pharmacies that compound multiple prescriptions every day, or compound hundreds of troches of the same medication and strength at the same time. Rather than filling individual troche cavities one at a time, your compounding staff can now fill hundreds at a time.


Cavities: 500

Cavity Volume: 0.5 mL
Maximum API:  150 mg
Mold Dimensions: 13.0 x 16.1 x 0.5 in
Troche Dimensions: 10.97 x 9.97 x 5.00 mm
Heat Resistance: 302° F
SKU: RD050-5001

The Benefits:
  • Superior patient comfort for increased patient adherence
  • Common sense size of 0.5 mL per cavity for easier formulations
  • Fits up to ~150 mg of API per cavity
  • Troches dissolve faster
  • Faster absorption of the active drug
  • Faster onset of action
  • Capability to easily cut troche into quarters
  • Troches are easily transferable from mold to final packaging
  • High density food-grade silicone is heat resistant up to 302° F for easier cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Cleaning validation report
  • Versatile segmented rows and cavity groups for controlled pouring
  • Estimated Annual ROI: $50,000+ USD

Packaging Contents:

  • R.D Troche Mold
  • 3.5 x 3.5" Scraping Spatulas
  • Formula Conversion Support (limited) 
  • 30-Days Money Back Guarantee
  • One Year Full Warranty

    Medications Commonly Compounded with RDT/Troche Molds:

    • LDN
    • Progesterone (P4)
    • BIEST
    • DHEA
    • Sildenafil
    • Tadalafil
    • Testosterone
    • Pregnenolone
    • Combinations of E2, E3, T, P4, P5, DHEA
    • Oxytocin