Spatula Kit
Spatula Kit
Spatula Kit
Spatula Kit

Spatula Kit

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Compounding is now greener and better organized with our reusable Spatula Kit! TICKERWORKS® Spatula Kit features twelve Stainless-Steel Spatulas with 3 convenient sizes. The reusability and variety of spatula sizes allows your staff to better adapt to the new challenges they meet in the laboratory, every day.  


  • 4 Small Spatulas (Petite, precision size for small powder quantities)
  • 4 Medium Spatulas (Holds most volume for large quantities and thicker bases)
  • 4 Long Spatulas (More reach for bottoms of big buckets, suited for medium quantities)
  • 1 Dishwasher Safe Cup
  • Gold and Rose Gold Mirror Polished Finish (May eventually fade after multiple washes and with continued use, color may vary)
  • Reusable
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • SKU: Spatula-Kit


  • Better for the environment
  • Minimizes equipment clutter in the lab and it organizes your used equipment
  • Dishwasher-safe cup fits on most dishwashers. Just set it and walk away!
  • Throw all of your other spatulas, glass rods, and blades, along with our stainless steel spatulas. 
  • BEST ROI - Save on proper HD takeback costs, minimize the burden associated with disposable spatulas


Start your day with a clean Spatula Kit and bring it inside your compounding lab. Next, place all of your clean spatulas in a convenient access area. Meanwhile, place the dishwasher-safe cup on a designated area along with all of your other used equipment. As the day progresses, simply keep adding all of your used spatulas into the dishwasher-safe cup.

At the end of day, or when full, take the dishwasher cup (now filled with all of your used equipment) and deactivate it following your lab's SOP and then place it on the dishwasher along with other equipment that needs cleaning and sanitation.