Second Generation

Pebble Beach Kit

As your compounding needs in the industry evolve, we are thrilled to provide you with solutions for your daily lab challenges. "The Everything Mold" is suitable for almost every compounding laboratory and it's true to its name! You no longer need to purchase multiple molds for making different dosage forms. Plus, make them in a flash! Again and again.

Pebble Beach Molds are manufactured with food-grade, high-density silicone. These molds are UV-stable and they offer high-flow properties to enable complex material formation and does not support microbial growth. In addition to high impact resistance, our silicone molds offer resistance to chlorine, most sanitizers, and common lab cleaners.

Second Generation

Pebble Beach

Easy to Use Technology

RDT Mold Kit

Make hundreds of RDTs in a fraction of the traditional time. Better yet, make them using TICKERWORKS Molds. The RDT Molds facilitate the making of hundreds of RDTs and even Troches per batch. TICKERWORKS RDT Molds are sturdy, firm, and built to handle stress and high temperatures. You can bake, bend, and put them in the dishwasher several times throughout the day. Every day.

Rapid Dissolve Tablets