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What is Physiologic Restoration?

The Women's Hormone Network Physiologic Restoration system has been designed to provide optimal hormone levels, essential for optimal health and quality of life. By mimicking a young woman’s natural release of estradiol and progesterone throughout a 28-day cycle, the system enables practitioners to recreate the menstrual cycle – the ultimate sign of proper hormone restoration. We use TICKER® dispensers and the corresponding dosing cards to replenish the hormones in a way that mimics nature. (Read more)

A message from the executive director of the women's Hormone Network

Rebecca Provorse, ND; Verve Healthcare & Consulting LLC, OR

"I have used BIOSRX through my local pharmacy for 2 years. I find the 0.05ml/click increments very useful for customized dosing of certain creams, (especially HRT) and the color variability helpful for patients to differentiate between prescriptions. The TICKER device allows for easier patient aliquot measuring than traditional syringes and certainly must be easier for pharmacies to fill. I cannot recall hearing a single complaint of these devices failing in the time I have been using them. I highly recommend BIOSRX for pharmacies and prescribers alike."Prescriber x 15 years

Mayank Shah, Pharm DCompounding Wholesalers, MX

"BIOSRX HRT Tickers have been an amazing addition to the line of dispensing devices we use at Compounding Wholesalers of Mexico. Not only have they wiped out the need for syringes, saving our techs countless hours of syringe filling and labeling, but they have also given our physicians a tool to further fine tune the rhythmic dosing protocols we offer - which means that patients get the exact dose they need to feel great! I can't recommend these devices enough for your practice".

Dosing Cards and Calendar Booklets

The dosing cards and calendar directions booklets are available through the WHN website.

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