TICKER Wellness Display With Display Plate
TICKER Wellness Display TICKER

TICKER Wellness Display

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TICKERWORKS® has recently introduced the TICKER® Wellness Display, a valuable tool designed to enhance the presentation of your common pharmacy products and services, particularly in the fields of antiaging and functional medicine.

The TICKER® Wellness Display is composed of several key components: a sleek metal plate featuring a vibrant, happy couple enjoying their day in the park, a specialized TICKER Display Stand capable of accommodating up to three TICKER Dispensers, and a user-friendly Gentle Dose applicator. From left to right in the display, you'll find the TICKER Classic Violet, TICKER Unlimited, Gentle Dose, and TICKERmini.

This aesthetically pleasing TICKER® Wellness Display, with its marble-like appearance, serves as an excellent conversation starter when discussing compounded hormone replacement therapy. It is a valuable asset to have on hand when counseling patients about topical alternatives for a range of medications.


  • 250mm x 118mm x 28mm
  • Made with a natural marble-like texture and appearance
  • Metal display plate built-to-last


  • TICKER® Wellness Display Stand
  • TICKER® Classic unit (Unfilled)
  • TICKER® Mini unit (Unfilled)
  • TICKER® Unlimited unit (Unfilled)
  • Gentle Dose® unit
  • TICKER® Display Plate