Centrimix-AX Planetary Mixer
Centrimix-AX Planetary Mixer
Centrimix-AX Planetary Mixer


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SKU: CAX-1200

CENTRIMIX facilitates the mixing and deaeration (air removal) of compounded mixtures like never before! This durable centrifugal/asymmetric mixer system mixes two-600 mL containers with your favorite compounded preparation in just seconds and at a maximum velocity of 3,000 RPMs! The final product: content uniformity, homogenous mixtures, and a near-complete reduction of air pockets.  Increased efficiency and compounding productivity translates to increased PROFITABILITY for your pharmacy.

CAX-1200 is a heavy-duty dual-cup system, each cup with a 500g (600 mL) capacity. (600mL x 2Cup) Purchase includes jar adapters, and seven standard jars.


  • MIXES: Creams, ointments, gels, powders, and suspensions
  • MILLS: Zirconium Milling Spheres to reduce particle size
  • DEAERATES: Air-Pocket Removal is an intrinsic property of CENTRIMIX
  • TRI-PHASIC MIXING: Powders, liquids, and cream/ointment/gels can be mixed in one single step
  • NO MESS: Maintains clean and safe working areas with less cleaning
  • Meets USP <800> requirements for contained/enclosed systems
  • Speed settings range: 100 to 3,000 RPM
  • Reproducible, consistent, and homogeneous formulations
  • Reusable and Disposable containers available for safety and efficiency
  • Standard US AC 110V 
  • Reduces cross contamination, and it eliminates dated and messy equipment like mixing rods, blades, triple mills, etc.

CENTRIMIX is designed to maintain temperature, although at higher speeds it can increase the temperature of your mixture. We recommend mixing most HRT creams at 2,500 RPMs.


  • 15.75 in WIDE
  • 19 in HEIGHT (lid closed)
  • 34.5 in HEIGHT (lid open)
  • 19 in DEPTH
  • Weight: 60 Kg

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