Unlimited—features a wider and elevated central port. This new TICKER configuration relies on the same exact mechanism as the rest of the TICKER family in order to minimize patient retraining. TICKER Unlimited offers a wider spectrum of compounding applications. For example, the heavier bases and higher viscous consistencies (like those resembling white petrolatum, like Liposomal Heavy, PLO Ultramax, Lipoderm, etc.) will be suitable for dispensation with TICKER Unlimited.  The wider and elevated central port can be self-administered directly onto the skin or orally into the body.  Compounders will be able to dispense an oral-flavored gel to a patient for a variety of medical uses: antibiotics, antiemetics, lip and tongue analgesics to name just a few. Patients will have easier access to their medication by keeping it close to them at all times. TICKER Unlimited is also able to connect with Gentle Dose® vaginal applicator.

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