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Ticker Sample Kit

Sale price$ 25.00

Live the powerful experience of holding TICKER™ in the palm of your hand and turn the dial with your fingers until you hear a crisp micro-click. Hear, feel, and see the dosage dispensed accurately to discover the value of TICKER™


  • (1) Ticker® Classic (37mL) Transdermal Applicator
  • (1) Ticker® Sun Shield (37mL) Transdermal Applicator
  • (1) TICKERmini (20mL) Transdermal Applicator
  • (1) Ticker® Unlimited (37mL) Transdermal Applicator
  • (1) Gentle Dose® (3mL) Vaginal Applicator
  • (1) Product Catalog, Specifications Sheet 
  • Patient Instruction Inserts