Western Veterinary Conference- Las Vegas

Western Veterinary Conference- Las Vegas

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Congratulations to the WVC Raffle Winners!


BIOSRX is proud to partner with Western Veterinary Conference in supporting veterinarians to provide optimal patient care! We thank all the veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and office managers for their commitment to continuing education, and learning about easy-to-use transdermal metered dispensing technologies.

In 2013, Dr. Moses Perez, compounding pharmacist and founder of BIOSRX, was frustrated with the lack of accurate and easy-to-use dispensing devices available to compounding pharmacists, veterinarians, and pet-patients. "We then began to investigate alternative solutions world-wide for this problem, and the result was the same. There were no accurate metered-dispensers available".  Two-years later, after having spent countless design and troubleshooting hours, and through extensive collaborative efforts with a team of mechanical engineers, TICKER and TICKERmini were developed. "With just ONE CLICK, TICKERmini dispenses 0.05mL of transdermal gel with the highest accuracy and ease of use". 


The BIOSRX Team sharing their passion with a veterinarian

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