TICKER® PEN - Product Overview

TICKER® PEN - Product Overview

TICKER® PEN is a revolutionary metered-dose dispenser designed with your furry friends in mind. As a pet and pet-parent friendly topical click dispenser, this innovative device is tailored specifically for cats and small animals. Its unique design features a smooth, elongated tip, perfect for gentle topical application inside the earlobe of your loved felines and canines.


With over a decade of compounding and engineering design expertise, we are happy to inject all of this knowledge into a new metered-dose dispenser. We are delighted to introduce TICKER PEN®. The most advanced Topical Metered Dose dispenser for humans and animals.

The Safety Cap: For Labeling, Rewarding, and Capping

Perhaps the best way to acclimate pets into accepting topical medications is through rewarding. However, oftentimes, we forget to get a treat ready.  With TICKER PEN, we have added a daily reminder that your pet may need to be rewarded every-time after the topical drug is applied. With TICKER's Rewards Cap, we you can now simply drop a treat in the cavity of the Safety Cap. After the dose has been administered, simply tilt the applicator to release the treat and have your furry friend enjoy it.

Precision Applicator Tip: A Smooth Surface For Applying Topical Compounds

Designed for precise application of topical compounds while reducing the risk of hand transference to others, TICKER PEN® features a smooth nozzle with a smooth, rounded tip and a bottom stop shield. The tip is ideal for smaller cavities, such as a cat’s earlobe or other skin areas; while the flat surface of the dispenser lid functions as a stop shield, in order to prevent injury to our loved animals.

A Rotator Base with an Acoustic Touch: Hear it. See it. Feel it!

1. Effortless Rotation:

As you move the base to the right (counter-clockwise), only the right amount of force causes a positive experience. At TICKERWORKS we have spent countless hours testing and facilitating the right amount of pressure to rotate the rotator base for patients of all ages

2. Acoustic Window:

Nature's soothing sounds are best appreciated with open windows and no barriers. TICKER PEN incorporates an integrated acoustic window and sound-hole to enrich auditory perception and spatial awareness, instilling confidence in dosage accuracy for our patients.

3. A Soft CLICK and a Harder CLICK

At every dosage segment there is a Soft-CLICK. However, at every  
90-Degress (quarter turn) there is a Harder-CLICK,  resulting from additional click tabs engaging with the base rotator. This design promotes spatial awareness, helping patients differentiate and remember the amount of medication applied.

The Chamber: Designed For Mixing

TICKER® PEN's chamber is designed for mixing inside planetary mixers, EMP mixers, and more!

The mixing rations have been optimized for mixing and modeled from standard mixing containers that have been widely used for decades in Germany and Japan. 

1. Chamber Capacity:

The TICKER Pen’s chamber holds a maximum capacity of 19mL.

It’s versatile, accommodating various prescribing needs—from a two-week supply of topical medication to a six-month supply (or as long as your BUD or studies allow).

2. Refill Indicator

The refill indicator area is located at the upper part of the chamber and it indicates the number of clicks and volume that still remains inside the chamber. 

3.Accuracy & Precision

Graduation lines imprinted in the chamber show the amount of medicine inside the chamber.

  • VOLUME: Displayed on the LEFT the volume remaining in the chamber.
  • CLICKS: Displayed on the RIGHT the number of clicks remaining as a measure of volume in the chamber.


The Volume Indicator: 

The Volume Indicator, located directly beneath the plunger within the TICKER PEN's chamber, informs users about the remaining amount of medication. On the left side of the marked graduation area, the volume is shown in milliliters (mL); on the right, it indicates the number of remaining CLICKS.


Drug ID Bands: 

Located beneath the plunger and Volume Indicator within TICKER PEN's chamber, Drug ID Bands help differentiate drugs, thereby reducing errors in the workplace by color-coding your compounds. This also frees up valuable inventory space, as you won't need to stock multiple colors of TICKER.

After filling the TICKER PEN's chamber with a topical compound or after mixing inside a planetary mixer, affix a Drug ID Band to the PEN. There are several colors available to choose from.

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