Ticker is an advanced topical dispenser for prescribed bioidentical cream and gel preparations.It is a vital clinical tool for the XXI century physician, and it offers patients more dosing options than traditional topical dispensers. Each click delivers 1/20 th gram and applying other dosages is as simple as turning the dial clockwise until it Clicks! Patients generally self-adjust their dosages to optimal health as instructed, and in the process, minimizing redundant calls to their doctors.

Stellar accuracy, precision, and ease-of-use are just a few of the hallmarks of Ticker, and now we can addenvironmental friendliness to that list! Ticker uses roughly 30% less plastic than competing applicators and it is made from FDA grade polypropylene resins, free from phthalates, BPA, and other contaminants.

Ticker is a great system to slowly fine-tune dosages upwards or downwards with far less risks of overdosing or under dosing patients. Made in the USA, Ticker is available in eight different colors to choose from. Try out Ticker for free by contacting our office and start delivering accuracy and ease-of-use with every prescription!

In Health,

The BIOSRX Team!

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