When we said the HRTicker delivers accuracy and precision, we meant it! With each turn of the dial, the HRTicker delivers an exact dosage! Unlike other topical delivery systems that present accuracy as a dosing range (i.e.between .10 to .12 per pen-pump), the HRTicker offers you and your patient population unmatched accuracy and precision with every CLICK!

NEW: The CLICKing Just got crisper!
Over the span of the last few months, we have made several enhancements from previous HRTicker releases ranging from the sound and crispness of each click, all the way to how it feels on the hands and fingers of consumers. Other improvements have dealt with the dispenser cap and safety lid as discussed below.

PERFECTION: There is always room to do better! The following enhancements have taken place and we are now shipping the latest version of the HRTicker. 1. The Safety Lid: We developed the perfect fit between the dispenser cap (cap with the hole) and and the safety lid, translating into an amazingly smooth "Pop Off", and "Pop In" process that can be accomplished with just one thumb finger. This process might just be playfully addictive, but it may also aid in relieving stress in and by itself!2. Dispenser cap: We fine-tuned the perfect fit! Now the cap "Snaps-In" easier, (Pharmacy Techs love that!) and it is almost impossible to come out on its own. (Unless of course you have the right type of tool and are trained for how to properly remove the dispenser cap) 3. The Click: as the base rotates clockwise, every CLICK is crispier than its predecessors

SUPERPOWERS: We are presently modifying the caps at the top and adding threads to them. These threads will enhance topical deliveries, but most importantly, they will facilitate alternative applications beyond the topical route. Stay tuned for the upcoming release of a new package configuration as part of the amazing Ticker Family.

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