Protect Your Medications, Protect Your Pharmacy

Protect Your Medications, Protect Your Pharmacy

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To evaluate the light transmission properties of a container, the accepted standard is the USP test for light transmission (USP <661>). According to the FDA,

“Every proposed packaging system should be shown to be suitable for its intended use: it should adequately protect the dosage form; it should be compatible with the dosage form; and it should be composed of materials that are considered safe for use with the dosage form and route of administration.”

Common Light Sensitive Medications include: Clonidine, Cortisone, Cyclobenzaprine, Diazepam, Estradiol, Fluticasone, Hydroquinone, Indomethacin, Ketoprofen, Lorazepam, Nifedipine, Tacrolimus, Tetracaine, Tretinoin and Vitamins A, D, E, and K.


Luckily,Ticker™ Sun Shield Collection protects your patients’ transdermal medications from UV damage – increasing drug shelf life (longevity) and reducing unwanted changes in prescriptions (drug discoloration and reduced potency). In a recent independent spectral-transmission study, TICKER™ showed minimal to no light transmission after simulating for life-like occurrences. 
No UV-B, UV-A, or visible light was measured through the Wall of a TICKER dispenser that had a standard prescription label wrapped around it! 

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