Reusable RD Troche Mold (0.5mL x 100 cavities)
Reusable RD Troche Mold (0.5mL x 100 cavities)
Reusable RD Troche Mold (0.5mL x 100 cavities)
Reusable RD Troche Mold (0.5mL x 100 cavities)
Reusable RD Troche Mold (0.5mL x 100 cavities)
Reusable RD Troche Mold (0.5mL x 100 cavities)
Reusable RD Troche Mold (0.5mL x 100 cavities)


Reusable RD Troche Mold (0.5mL x 100 cavities)

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SKU: RD100-050


Standard troches are large, and notorious for being difficult for patients to remove them from the disposable plastic mold.  In addition, they are slowly absorbed and their shape is less than comfortable as they oftentimes have with sharp corners.
Compounding pharmacist, Dr. Moses Perez, Pharm.D. and president of TICKERWORKS decided it was time for improvement, and developed the technology for compounding pharmacies like yours to compound troches hassle free.


R.D. Troche Molds from TICKERWORKS are durable, flexible, and reusable compounding molds. Each mold contains one-hundred cavities, and each cavity offers a 0.5mL volume capacity. 

The cavity is scored for patients to easily cut the troche in half if needed, to accommodate specific dosage needs. Rather than filling individual troche cavities one at a time, your compounding staff can now fill hundreds at a time.



The R.D. Troche Mold Standard package is the right package for most pharmacies who already have a patient population using troches. This package has three troche molds and comes with three formulas. After your purchase you'll receive new formulas as TICKERWORKS adds to our formulary.


Cavities: 100

Cavity Volume: 0.5 mL
Maximum API: ~150 mg
Mold Dimensions: 195 x181 x 9 mm
Troche Dimensions: 11.2 x 9.9  4.6 mm
SKU: RD100-050 
Material: Heat Resistant Thermoplastic Elastomer 


  • PCCA NataTroche: 0.416 Gm
  • PCCA Polyglycol Troche Base: 0.527 Gm
The Benefits:
  • Superior patient comfort for increased patient adherence
  • Common sense size of 0.5mL per cavity for easier formulations
  • Fits up to 150mg of API per cavity
  • Troche dissolves faster
  • Faster absorption of the active drug
  • Faster onset of action
  • Capability to easily cut troche in half
  • Thermoplastic elastomer is heat resistant up to 250° F

Packaging Benefits:
  • Increased R.D Troche Molds
  • Increased 3.5x3.5" Scraping Spatulas
  • Formulas + Ongoing Release* 
  • Formula Conversion Support (limited)
  • Marketing Tools 
  • Referrals
  • 30-Days Money Back Guarantee
  • One Year Full Warranty
Medications Commonly Compounded:
  • Progesterone (P4)
  • DHEA
  • Sildenafil
  • Tadalafil
  • Testosterone
  • Pregnenolone
  • Combinations of E2, E3, T, P4, P5, DHEA
  • Oxytocin
  • LDN
This mold is also available from PCCA (Professional Compounding Centers of America) in different configurations. Contact your PCCA representative to learn more.