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Pebble Beach Compounding Kit
Pebble Beach Compounding Kit
Pebble Beach Compounding Kit

Pebble Beach Compounding Kit

Sale price$ 849.00
SKU: PBK-050-1001



Your favorite mold, now as a kit!

You probably already know that Pebble Beach Molds are used to compound mini suppositories or troches. The technology of the mold is truly in the material: the FDA-grade thermoplastic elastomer is naturally non-stick, durable, and heat-resistant.  Each tray contains 100 cavities, arranged in groups of 30, 30, and 40 for ease-of-compounding.  Each cavity has 0.5mL volume capacity and is designed to fit in Gentle Dose vaginal applicator, for ultimate patient comfort in application.

Gentle Dose® is the world's first petite vaginal applicator. Gentle Dose is accurate, gentle, and easy-to-use for your patients to use. As an applicator with a wide spectrum of applications, Gentle Dose is included in your Pebble Beach Compounding Kit so your patients can comfortably insert up to four suppositories at a time. 

TICKERWORKS is proud to provide exclusive compounding formulas! With your purchase of Pebble Beach Compounding Kit, you'll receive access to our private library of compounding formulas, including formulas for suppositories and troches.

Start compounding mini-suppositories faster with our marketing forms. Get customized marketing forms to introduce your new products to prescribers' offices. This will let your local doctors know how you are always looking for ways to improve patient care.


Your Kit Includes:

  • 2 Pebble Beach Compounding Molds (normally $699)
  • Mold cleaning brush
  • 1 Box of Gentle Dose vaginal applicators (normally $70)
  • Marketing Tool Customized for Your Pharmacy
  • Unlimited access to our compounding formulas
  • Free Formula Conversion Support
  • 30-Days Money Back Guarantee
  • One Year Full Warranty


Other compounding supplies are available by contacting us directly.