We offer both Metered Topi Dispensers and non-metered Topi Dispensers. We use the term Topi Dispenser to encompass a category of transdermal applicators used in the compounding market. One of the most accurate and precise Topi Dispenser products available is the HRTicker® topical dispenser due to its novel click-to-piston delivery technology. Maintaining accuracy and precision is always at the heart of TICKERWORK's mission.  With each turn of the dial, the HRTicker delivers a 1/20thgram*.

Another popular metered Topi Dispenser offered through our company is the HRT Pump. The HRT Pump is convenient for dispensing creams, gels, and even oral liquids.

The Fine-Point Tube is a non-metered Topi Dispenser ideal for preparations with cream, gels and pastes. This topical dispenser is ideal for situations where a small thin film of cream or gel or paste is expelled with the push of your fingers.  



*Note: Volumetric output is density dependent in accordance to the product contained. Pressure differences may also influence volumetric output. **The TICKER topical dispenser is not to be confused with Topi-click applicator, which is a trademark of doselogix. .