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I am a nationally certified pharmacy technician at Calhoun Wellness Pharmacy in Anniston, Alabama. I have been making troches now for about 5 years. I never really had anything negative to say about the troche molds we have always used, until I was introduced to Pebble Beach troche mold. It is by far the best mold available on the market today. It is accurate, easy to use, easy to  clean and efficient. I am very pleased with this product. Our patients are pleased with the change as well. The main praise it gets from my patients is that it is scored in a way that is easier for a patient to split when he/she takes less than the entire troche. So they are not wasting any medication and their dose is more accurate. 

Once you go Pebble Beach troche mold, you don't go back!

Thank you very much!!

Jennifer S.

Calhoun Wellness & Compounding Pharmacy

Anniston, Al. 36207