Remove the safety lid on TICKER Unlimited by placing your thumb under the thumb tab and pushing upward. Also remove the cap from the Gentle Dose vaginal dispenser.

Attach Gentle Dose vaginal applicator to the elevated port of TICKER Unlimited.

DIAL as many CLICKS as instructed. (Note that the amount being dispensed will appear on the dosing segments of the Gentle Dose Vaginal Applicator plunger. Each segment indicates 0.5mL.)

After dialing your dosage, wait at least 5-10 seconds in order to give the preparation ample time to exit through the port and collect in Gentle Dose. It is now ready to be inserted. Properly secure the safety lid to TICKER Unlimited to prevent evaporation of your preparation. Follow your doctor or pharmacist’s instructions for how to apply the medication. You may insert the applicator vaginally or into the cavity as instructed by your health professional. Press the plunger all the way down to dispense the correct dose, then remove the applicator from body.